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Audio Brain TrainingFor thousands of years people have known that rhythmical sounds and beats can alter how we feel. People from all over the world from different cultures and religious beliefs use drums, chimes and stringed instruments to help them maintain focus, relaxation, decrease anxiety and maintain meditative states. (audio brain training)

As human beings we seem to have four prominent bands of activity:

  1. Beta (alertness, focus, cognitive, clear thinking, awake) 13Hz – 30Hz
  2. Alpha (relaxation, visualization, creativity, imagination) 7Hz – 12Hz
  3. Theta (meditation, intuition, memory, self-awareness) 4Hz -7Hz
  4. Delta (detached awareness, healing, sleep) 0Hz – 4Hz

It is well documented that our brain states are directly linked to our emotional states and in turn govern our behaviour.Each of these brain states can be induced by listening to computer generated frequencies, listening to a 4.5Hz beat / cycles per second will tend to generate theta brainwaves. Because of FFR (Frequency Following Response) our minds seem to automatically synchronise with the introduced frequency quite easily.

This remarkable technology (audio Brain Training) is great for inducing brainwave states that allow direct access to the subconscious mind. Using recordings that have empowering suggestions, and statements embedded into them, will help replace beliefs and thinking that dis-empower and sabotage your goals.

There has been considerable research into the area of audio entrainment for the brain, and as such should not be viewed as implausible or farfetched in anyway. Having an open mind and a deep desire to change will increase your ability to impact the way you think and act in a very powerful way.

Audio Brain Training is a fun and effective way of dealing with many sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

Read more about Binaural Beats.

Mark Csabai

I live in sunny South Africa. I create websites, meditate, study and listen to lots of music, while I write articles for my blog. I help people uncover their potential and guide them into a fulfilling life. I am a certified Master NLP Practitioner. My goal is to become a certified NLP Trainer, so I can teach others about the power of change through NLP.